Covid safe video production

Without in-person events or drive-by traffic to promote your business, now it’s more important than ever to reach your customers through video. It is also important for businesses to still connect with their employees while they work remote. And for crucial messaging, a Zoom meeting just isn’t going to cut it. Your team leaders can deliver an impactful message across […]

How to create an engaging virtual conference

Have you decided to move your conference to a virtual platform? Hosting events online is not as easy as just sending out a Zoom link and hoping people will be engaged. In the digital environment there are more distractions – emails, texts, children, pets – so you need to engage your audience and keep their attention. As the popularity of […]

Social Media and Video

Who would have guessed that seven-in-ten Americans today use social media not only to connect with one another, but engage with news content, share information and of course, for entertainment. 2020 is seeing more than 3.8 BILLION social media users in the world. Considering there are around 7 billion people in the world, that’s over half the global population on […]

What is an End User Video?

At Shout Creative, we work quite a bit on End User Videos, which are sometimes referred to as Tutorials or Explainer Videos. End User is a term mostly heard in the tech world. It is a person who is ultimately intended to use a product or technology. When a company purchases software, sometimes it’s their employees who are the end […]

Increasing views on YouTube

Views are everything in marketing and on YouTube. We were excited to see our client, PET Imaging Institute of South Florida, get over 10,000 views on YouTube. Of course, a professionally produced video attracts more views simply because today’s audience can tell the difference between homemade, low end video and high end professionally produced video. Audiences will give more credibility […]

Social Media loves videos

It’s true we now spend more time on social media than in our email inboxes. [Wall Street Journal] In 2018, Instagram, for instance, saw their fastest user growth rate in its history. And more businesses have gone over to Social Media to engage with a broader audience and are seeing great results with the rise of social media influencers and […]

Putting patients at ease with informative video production

If you are a medical facility, your patients may have lots of questions or concerns before visiting your location. You can help put their minds at ease by creating videos that explain the process of what they will go through and how they can best prepare for their visit. You can also showcase highlights of your facility, your staff or […]

Updated Reel

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Video is a great way to showcase a partnership

Citrix and Envision used video to highlight the importance of their partnership and all of the benefits it brings.

Google 5 star rating

You spoke and we listened. We take all of our reviews and feedback to heart and we pride ourselves on having a great working relationship with our clients. And we’re proud to say that we are a 5 star Google reviewed company! Thank you to all of our clients for the kind words.