What is an End User Video?

At Shout Creative, we work quite a bit on End User Videos, which are sometimes referred to as Tutorials or Explainer Videos. End User is a term mostly heard in the tech world. It is a person who is ultimately intended to use a product or technology. When a company purchases software, sometimes it’s their employees who are the end users and sometimes even their clients. There is some distance between the purchaser, and the actual user in the end. It is important to be able to streamline the language to explain to staff or clients how to use it. An End User may not typically possess the technical understanding or skill of the product designers who created it. So there needs to be some common language for ease of use. A good end user video can even motivate the end user, and that’s when the magic happens! There are so many End User Videos needed in today’s world and Shout Creative can help bridge that gap!