How to create an engaging virtual conference

Have you decided to move your conference to a virtual platform? Hosting a virtual conference or events online is not as easy as just sending out a Zoom link and hoping people will be engaged. In the digital environment, there are more distractions – emails, texts, children, pets – so you need to engage your audience and keep their attention. As the popularity of virtual events skyrockets, some recent digital events have actually increased attendance over in-person events.

Digital Event

With a digital event, the production value is more important than ever. It’s these personal touches that show audience members you are excited to engage with them, even virtually. You need to differentiate your event from a standard meeting or presentation. Digital events need to be treated more like high-quality broadcasts. Long after the conference has ended, the videos will live on and can be repurposed for marketing, social media, or websites.

What Can a Video Do for Your Virtual Conference?

Video allows your company to bring in guest speakers from afar, whether it is CEOs or celebrities, or testimonials from customers across the globe. You can reveal a new product, show a product demonstration, or even provide some comic relief within a keynote. And by pre-recording great video content, you can use some of it in advance to promote your event.

Pre-recorded Video vs Live

Several virtual conference platforms have made it easy to seamlessly incorporate pre-recorded videos with live ones. Switching between the two can increase engagement. Live sections can allow for real-time interaction, while pre-recorded sections allow you to edit and cultivate your message with feedback from your team.