Video FAQs

What does it cost to produce a video?

Well that depends, do you want the Lexus or the Tesla? We love to do both.

The cost varies depending on your needs – we factor in things like the length of your video and the tools and staff needed to create your vision.  Let’s brainstorm together and we can get you a quote – that part’s free.

How long does creating a video take?

So did you decide on the Lexus or the Tesla? While we can always do a rush job, on the short end it takes about 4 -6 weeks and could stretch up to many months.

Who owns the footage?

In most cases, the client will own all rights to any media shot specifically for their project.

Will I receive the raw footage?

Delivering the raw footage to a client carries costs with it. Typically we don’t include these because we try to keep our budgets lean.  However, arrangements can be made to deliver your raw if you’d like. Just be sure to let us know when we’re quoting the deal.

Do you only shoot in South Florida?

No! South Florida, South America or the South of France, we’ll go anywhere for the right project.

What equipment do you use?

We typically film on Canon, Sony or RED cameras and we use Canon or Zeiss lensing. However, we can customize a production package to meet your preferences.

How is the video delivered to me?

In most cases, your final video will be delivered as a high-resolution QuickTime file.

What is your payment structure?

We require 50% payment before starting a project and then an additional 25% before going into production and the remaining payments are due at benchmarks during the post-production process.

How many revisions do I get?

We typically offer two rounds of notes – a Rough cut and a Fine cut – before we deliver the final Masters.

How do I get started?

Use The Force and call us at 754-801-6107