Training Videos


When I wanted to learn how to surf, I watched a video.


When I needed to know how to buy (and sell) Bitcoin, I watched a video.


Before I carved my first turkey at Thanksgiving, I watched a video.


Whether you’re teaching your customers how to use your products, or training your employees on new methodology, the simple fact is your audience wants to learn on video.


Edit the message to be direct, targeted, and as succinct as possible. That drives retention. That doesn’t happen with webinars.


The message is the same, curated and approved by you, every time they click play.


Video is the best way to teach and learn.



There are many different types of training videos including:


• Explainer Video  •  Product Training Video

•  Demo Video  •  Retail training video


• Presenter Video  •  Sales training video

•  Management training video


 •  Orientation video  • On-boarding video

•  Interactive video  •  Graphics training video


 •  Customer relations video  •  Health and Safety training video

•  Compliance training video


 •  Screencast video  •  Policies and Procedures video


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