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Training Videos

How do you use video for training?

Wow, we can’t think of ways you can’t use video for training!

If you need to teach your team a new process, make a video.

If you need to onboard employees, make a video.

If you need to educate your sales team on changes in the market, make a video.

Video is literally the best tool to train and educate anyone in the world at any time with a concise, clear and effective message that’s been vetted by brass before anyone ever hears it. 

And, even better, the message is exactly the same every time.

Consider these stats from YouTube:

86% of US viewers say they often use YouTube to learn new things.

Users are 3x more likely to prefer watching a YouTube tutorial video than reading a product’s instructions.

How-to videos earn the most attention of any content category on YouTube, even more than music clips or gaming.

What are the different types of training videos? 

  • Explainer video  •  Product training video
  • Demo video  •  Retail training video
  • Presenter video  •  Sales training video
  • Management training video
  • Orientation video  • On-boarding video
  • Interactive video  •  Graphics training video
  • Customer relations video  •  Health and safety training video
  • Compliance training video
  • Screencast video  •  Policies and procedures video
  • Education video