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How do you use video for training? It’s impossible to think of ways you can’t use video for training!

If you need to teach your team a new process, make a video.

If you need to onboard employees, make a video.

If you need to educate your sales team on changes in the market, make a video.

Video is literally the best tool to train and educate anyone in the world at any time with a concise, clear and effective message that’s been vetted by brass before anyone ever hears it. And, even better, the message is exactly the same every time.

Consumers Are Searching For Training On YouTube:

86% of US viewers say they often use YouTube to learn new things.

Users are 3x more likely to prefer watching a YouTube tutorial video than reading a product’s instructions.

How-to videos earn the most attention of any content category on YouTube, even more than music clips or gaming.

Make The Most Of Your Video Based Training

Training is crucial but it is also a big investment of time and money and resources. You can minimize this investment and make the most of it by delivering your training on video. Your message can be delivered anytime, anywhere and exactly the way you want it.

Why Is Video Such A Popular Training Tool?

Training and Education videos have taken a new leap! We can all agree that video has become the go-to format for learning thanks to the abundance of booming entrepreneurs and flourishing brands, even self-taught prodigies. It’s no wonder education has gone the way of video. 

We do a lot of work in this space and can keep to your rhythm or create a different tempo. You have so many options to keep this sector of your business effective. From animation and graphics to voiceover or actors doing a demo, we aim to keep an audience engaged and learning. Video based training has certainly surpassed the webinar for its flexibility and customization.

How Can A Corporate Training Video Be Engaging?

It’s all about attention. And retention!

The key is having your videos be the right length to get the information across, but not lose your viewers’ attention spans. Keep them engaged with motion graphics, transitions and music changes. Use language that viewers can easily understand and relate to.

Create an empowering space where results soar with high end video. Motivation is jump started with a multi-sensory approach and we have endless tools to combat monotony or lag. 

We Do All Types Of Training Video Production

  • Explainer video  •  Product training video
  • Demo video  •  Retail training video
  • Presenter video  •  Sales training video
  • Management training video
  • Orientation video  • Onboarding video
  • Interactive video  •  Graphics training video
  • Customer relations video  •  Health and safety training video
  • Compliance training video
  • Screencast video  •  Policies and procedures video
  • Education video

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