Tech Case Studies

Leidos Corporate Image Documentary


The work Leidos does in the civil, defense, health, and technology sectors is literally changing the world. We produced a corporate brand documentary championing this incredible innovation. The 14-minute film, and 2-minute trailer shown on this page, are incredibly effective sales marketing tools. An added bonus was the film’s contribution in recruiting top-level talent to join Leidos, which is essential to the company’s rapid growth.

Delivering Technology That Matters


Employee experience is essential in creating a superior corporate culture. A great culture leads to better engagement. Better engagement leads to greater productivity and drives successful business outcomes. Citrix & Envision IT brought that message to the market through a documentary video series that created demand gen and performed as an important component of the sales motion.

Creating Agility with Citrix Cloud and Microsoft Azure


Third Octet eliminated a six-figure capital spend for their accounting client employing Citrix Cloud and Microsoft Azure. This allowed the accounting firm to scale up their business exponentially during tax season, and then scale down the back half of the year. To tell this big story on a tidy budget, Shout Creative pitched animation, and the results were huge as the video performed 50% higher for the client than non-animated videos showcasing similar use cases.

Shout Creative Reel


This is a one-minute compilation of all our work for clients in technology, finance, healthcare, retail, and more. Shout Creative is a full-service production company offering scripting, live video production, remote video production, editing, animation and motion design. If you have an idea, we can bring it home for you. If you don’t have an idea yet, we’ll work with you to learn your business and develop the right message for your target.