Social Media Video Production




A billion hours of video are watched on YouTube every day. Four billion video views take place on Facebook daily.  So yeah, video on social media is important for your brand!

Whether it’s video or animation, the content must be of the highest quality. Let’s choose the right platforms for your audience (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and more). Then we can create an emotional connection and engage your audience to trust your brand, and more importantly choose your brand.

Each social network has different rules for video aspect ratio and duration – we will make sure you have the right deliverables for the right platforms.

Showcase Your Product With Video

Product videos on social media can be very effective at boosting your conversion rates. A Hubspot study showed that consumers who watched a product video on social media were 73 percent more likely to buy. That’s a huge number! 

Get your consumer’s attention as they scroll through their favorite social platforms.  Engage them with high-quality video production or animation and set your product apart from the field.

 It’s All About The Creative

Whether they’re on broadcast or social media, the ads that get attention all have one thing in common – fantastic creative!  You’ve put in the work building and designing your product or service, now you must stand out in the marketplace.

It’s not enough to just put your product out there, you need compelling creative that demands the consumer’s attention.

How do you do that?  Work with an award-winning creative agency that specializes in spectacular script writing, amazing animation and stunning cinematography that elevate your brand as the leader in the market.

Make the most of your social media impressions with Shout Creative. 

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