Social Media loves videos

It’s true we now spend more time on social media than in our email inboxes. [Wall Street Journal] In 2018, Instagram, for instance, saw their fastest user growth rate in its history. And more businesses have gone over to Social Media to engage with a broader audience and are seeing great results with the rise of social media influencers and record number follower accounts.

Research shows that video is what makes users on Social Media stop their scrolling and pay attention. Whether it’s quirky videos that go viral or personal videos that lure people in, the potential for engaging potential clients is huge. The need to create constant content however, can be a challenge.

A professionally done video shoot can be the answer to your social media content for months! With great looking, quick videos in your artillery, with moving product shots and the like, the potential for growth in your business is outstanding. It also eliminates the panic and worry for what to post next. We can help you speak to a broader audience, build your following and add to your client roster.