Green Screen Production And Special Effects

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Special Effects

Using a green screen, we can film a person and put them in any environment on the planet – or off the planet for that matter!

We can create and design an environment to composite your actors or personalities in, whether that’s a sci-fi thriller for social media, or a corporate convention meant to feel like a grand stage in a convention hall.

And the great news is we can film your project in our Fort Lauderdale green screen studio, or come to your office park and build a green screen studio to make it easy on your executives.

Have your own green screen setup but need help with the compositing? Let our professional team put it together for you.

Green Screen Video Production Benefits

The benefits of green screen video production are huge! Saving time, saving money and with endless possibilities. This leads to a creativity that hardly knows any bounds! Which means your audience gets to really understand what you’re conveying in the clearest way possible. It’s definitely worth considering.

You have most definitely seen a lot of video using green screen and never guessed it wasn’t a real location. It’s pretty fun stuff! And it doesn’t always need to be video – we can do green screen photography as well.

Let Us Handle The Hard Stuff For You

We have worked with green screen for conference videos, commercials, corporate videos, interviews, television series – whatever the platform, we can create it!

Ready to get started with a green screen video production company? Contact us today.