Covid safe video production

Without in-person events or drive-by traffic to promote your business, now it’s more important than ever to reach your customers through video.

It is also important for businesses to still connect with their employees while they work remote. And for crucial messaging, a Zoom meeting just isn’t going to cut it. Your team leaders can deliver an impactful message across the globe using video.

Video production hasn’t stopped during the pandemic, it has just become more creative. If shooting in-person is not an option, animation is a great tool for storytelling. Stock footage can also help fill in or repurposing previously shot video. Remote production is also an option, whether it’s using screen recording tools or even shipping camera and audio equipment to talent.

When filming in person, there are safety procedures we follow at Shout Creative to ensure we are following recommended precautions. Prior to shooting we ask crews about their recent travels and possible exposures. On set we utilize temperature checks, masks, gloves and sanitizing wipes.

The great thing about Covid safe video production is it is not one size fits all. We can customize to your needs.